Hooray! Schilling's back in Boston to finish up his career. Dan Shaughnessy sums up how great this deal is for both the Sox and Schilling himself in the following article.

Dan Shaughnessy Article

Go Navy! Beat Army!

So it was good to see Navy beat ND today down in Annapolis. Here's the shout out you were looking for Mearn.

Navy beats Irish for first time in 44 years.

Red Sox

So now that the Red Sox season is over it looks like the team is settling back into family life. I was pretty happy to read the article below about Jason Varitek. There have been stories showing the humility of Lowell and Pedroia also lately, after they brought food out to some of the fans camping overnight for World Series tickets. Its good to see that the players don't think they're above everyone else. It seems like that is the general way of the team. Ortiz seems to love interacting with the fans and I know some people who have run into Wakefield in Hingham and say he's really easy-going. I'm sure that's a huge part of the team cohesion and success. Let's hope they keep it up.

Jason Varitek Article

World Series '07

So the Sox have done it again! 1-0 so far in the World Series after a crushing defeat of the Rockies. Check out the article below from It's a pretty funny article by a non-Red Sox fan with his view of Sox life in Boston. Apparently we're negative-nelly's, but thats just how it is back home. I'd say its more like dedication!

Harsh Red Sox Nation?