Mitt the Nominee

Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee for President in 2012. His slow and steady approach has been vindicated as his challengers rise and plummet on a monthly basis. I must admit that his approach tested my will at times, especially when now-laughingstock Rick Perry quickly soared in the polls. However, Mitt Romney will be the one who gets the last laugh.

His sharp approach on focusing on President Obama and the state of the economy in the campaign season displays his type of discipline and leadership. Instead of tacking sharply at the appearance of a seemingly big issue, he continues to steer forward on the same charted path.

I understand why many voters, especially Republican primary voters, are uncomfortable with his past “flip flops”. However, I’m convinced that the manner in which he has run this nomination process says more about his leadership style than any past or present political positions. If he is faced with a controversial decision as president, one that challenges a declared position, you can bet that he’ll examine the issue closely, discuss with advisors and experts in the field, and come to a rational decision.

I’m also a firm believer in the fact that personal life decisions display a man’s true character more than any campaign season. A man of integrity and steadiness in family and work will more than likely carry those values with him to public office. Mitt has been married for over forty years, has a stable family, and has worked hard to be successful in business, though those who don’t understand business will assuredly challenge the benefits of his business record. Others on the campaign trail have gone through wives, estranged families, and never had long term success in any theater outside politics and the who’s who of educational high society.

And beyond all of these reasons for which I’ve been a Mitt Romney fan since he was governor of Massachusetts, 2012 will be a referendum on President Obama. In 2008, voters were willing to take a chance on beautifully crafted words and speeches, hoping that they would translate into a better America. Instead, America chose a leader who has been rudderless, making seemingly bold decisions, but then hedging on them. America chose a leader unsure of what makes the United States so great. And America chose a leader who has managed to pit American against American, instead of focusing on what we can do to climb out of this ongoing mess and avoid the fate of our European friends across the ocean.

Mitt Romney offers a clear alternative to President Obama. He’s a man of personal conviction and proven leadership. Independents, who elected President Obama in 2008 and who will single-handedly elect the president in 2012, have grown tired of the promises and lack of results. A
recent Pew poll shows Mitt Romney with a 12-point advantage of Independent voters over the president. These numbers bode well for Mr. Romney. It is my hope that the Republican clown show that has taken the stage during this nomination process continues to dig its own grave, as Mitt sails forward, focused on November 2012.