Oct 2007


So in Business-Government Relations class today my professor showed us a pretty neat website. Check out Intrade. It's like the futures market or a gambling site, whichever you prefer. The site allows people to bet on the outcomes of events such as elections, trials, etc. Perhaps the most fascinating is the 2008 Presidential election. Things aren't looking so good for the Republicans, at least according to people's bets. The site acts as a gauge for people's anticipatory feelings and guesses. On the subject of the 2008 election, those betting could certainly be Republican voters, but feel that the Democrats will win in '08. So, it's not forecasting the actual better's preferences, but their moods and beliefs. Interesting.

World Series '07

So the Sox have done it again! 1-0 so far in the World Series after a crushing defeat of the Rockies. Check out the article below from Boston.com. It's a pretty funny article by a non-Red Sox fan with his view of Sox life in Boston. Apparently we're negative-nelly's, but thats just how it is back home. I'd say its more like dedication!

Harsh Red Sox Nation?

Finally updated!

After many years of rest, DanEnglish.com has reappeared! I'm going to try to start blogging on news, politics, etc. for now on, so here goes.