Chris Christie

The more I read about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the more I like him.

He is the only politician I’m aware of who will stand up to the BS scare tactics and bullying by unions, especially teachers unions.

At a town hall event in New Jersey yesterday, a public school teacher began to complain about her salary- ignoring the insane benefits and number of holidays that she receives, of course.

He quickly told her that if she didn’t like the job and the benefits, she was free to quit and look for employment elsewhere.

I love it.

LOST Finale

More important than any sort of graduation, politics, or world affair, LOST ended its six-year run last night with a four and a half hour season recap and finale.

I thought the final episode of the series was great. Yes, we were left with innumerable questions about the island and its existence. But, the ending scene in the church and the awakenings of the characters to their intertwined pasts added closure to people we’ve cared deeply about for six seasons. The characters and their oddities are what really made the show and kept us coming back each week for so long. I was glad to see their stories resolved into a happy ending.

It was funny looking at the people around me watching the show towards the end. I’m pretty sure the entire group (myself included) sat there in complete stillness and silence with rapt attention, mouths open in awe as the final scene unfolded. That’s when I knew it was a success.

Arizona Boycott

This is pretty funny.

According to Politico, Arizona is threatening to cut its power supply to Los Angeles, California after the city decided to boycott the entire state of Arizona because of its controversial new immigration law.

Arizona supplies 25% of Los Angeles’ electricity and a good bit of its water.

What a great comeback to a stupid political stunt.

What Caused the Financial Crisis?

GFMI <--- Click here to read my thoughts on what caused the financial crisis and, briefly, what we can do to avoid such situations in the future. I just passed this in as my last paper ever at Georgetown for one of my finance classes. Crazy.

Typical Prius...


The Big Short

I just finished Michael Lewis’ The Big Short. Highly recommend.

The book covers the few people who saw the potential for a housing bubble back in the early 2000’s and attempted to profit from their foresight by shorting subprime mortgages. It’s a quick, easy read that, like Lewis’ other successful books, focuses much more on the characters behind the finance rather than the nitty gritty finance itself. Probably the first finance book that I’ve ever laughed out loud while reading throughout.

If you’re looking to get a better understanding of what went wrong before and during the recent financial crash or learn what’s going on behind the Goldman vs. SEC case, definitely pick the book up.