Road Rage

As any of you who have been lucky enough to drive with me know, I tend to be one of the more aggressive drivers on the road. Indeed, mom taught me how to tailgate the day I turned 16 on the way home from the Quincy RMV. Now, I’m not some jerk who goes around trying to tick off every driver in sight. No, I like to think of myself as more of a police man for the fast lane. If you’re not passing anyone, you shouldn’t be in it. Very simple.

I also live by the theory that no one
wants to get into a car accident. So, theoretically, most people will do anything they can do avoid one. Hence, I tend to be a bit more risky crossing streets because hitting a human isn’t exactly fun. Lots of court, lots of paperwork, lots of money, etc.

So, why does all this warrant a blog post? Well, I think I found my driving match the other night on the way home.

I tailgated this woman in a black BMW X5, traveling 65-70 in the fast lane, for a good five to seven miles. As we were a few miles away from exit 14 on Route 3 in Rockland she finally sped up to 75, so I moved over to the slow lane perfectly happy to be traveling 75 mph. There was another car traveling a similar speed a few car lengths ahead of me. Well, only a short time later as we approached the exit, this lady decides that she wants to get off the highway. Ohhhh no you don’t. After ticking me off for the last five miles, there’s no way I’m letting you get into the slow lane that easy, lady.

So, I eased forward a little bit again and again, making it impossible for her to get into the lane. Payback’s a you-know-what.

Just when I think I’m winning this battle, sure enough she takes advantage of my favorite accident avoidance theory mentioned earlier. She simply swerves into my lane right as we’re beside eachother and drives me into the breakdown lane and proceeds off the exit.

As her tail lights faded into the distance, my horn still blaring and high beams flashing, the only thought I could muster was: “touche”.


I don’t think I’ve ever experienced weirder weather than I have this past week or so in D.C. One day its freezing cold (60) and raining, the next three days the temperature averages 95+ humid degrees. And now its back to cold and rainy again. For the past two years I’ve been down here, spring has arrived in early to mid-March. This year, though, its been a seasonal rollercoaster alternating between spring and summer.

Anyways, the school year is wrapping up. Classes ended on Monday and exams started today. I have my first two exams next Tuesday, my 21st birthday. Looks like I’m going to have to celebrate that night instead of midnight the night before.

Back to Boston on Friday.