Deal or No Deal

Am I the only one who isn’t really paying attention to/losing sleep over this whole debt crisis ordeal?

It has to be because of all the Marines I saw needlessly freaking out last time the government threatened to shut down and stop paying the military. I swear people from my platoon lost years off their lives from the stress that event caused. Of course the deal went through at the very last minute and everything was fine and dandy.

I guess I’m just expecting the same this time. I’m sure the dysfunctional government will come through at 11:59 PM and our debt will go on to live happily ever after. And every politician will continue to go on blaming each other, while the media goes on to only blame Republicans. Same old, same old.

Globe Shows True Colors Again

The Boston Globe showed its true colors again today with the front page story about the “infamous” Koch brothers donating $5,000 each to Senator Scott Brown’s reelection campaign. Whitey Bulger himself could donate to a Democrat and the Globe wouldn’t blink. The liberal media started the circus surrounding the successful businessmen Koch brothers and refuses to let it die. Looks like the Globe is starting its campaign early to bring down the most popular politician in Massachusetts, an enemy Republican.

DC Dysfunction

This is a good article from Politico, titled “Governors gag over DC dysfunction,” that highlights how both Republican and Democrat governors have been able to enact large-scale measures over the past few years, even with divided legislatures. It makes you wonder why the federal government can’t do the same...