There were lots of Europeans at the Grand Canyon


Southwest 2010

Pictures from family trip to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas are up here.

Also, Dad has some good ones on his SmugMug site
here and here.

Where's the Shame?

What happened to the days of people being ashamed about receiving handouts from the government?

Photos and videos from a section 8 housing voucher handout event in Atlanta, Georgia last week made news when 30,000 people showed up and riots nearly ensued. All in all it was a pretty disgusting scene. You might have thought the rally was a free inner-city concert. Yelling, screaming, shouting, and shoving. Kids were trampled and riot police were called in. Sixty-two people were injured.

this local news report from the riot and try not to be disgusted.

In these times of the government rewarding failed behavior left and right through bank bailouts, mortgage bailouts,
government-paid funerals and benefits for dead gang-bangers, etc., it’s a wonder we don’t see more scenes like these in inner-city neighborhoods, which subsist almost soley on the hard work of other Americans.

I think anyone who receives section 8 housing, food stamps, extended unemployment, etc. should have their names publicly posted as motivation to get off the government dole. We need some way to begin the reversal of this dangerous cultural change that is sure to doom American productivity and values moving forward.

Newt Gingrich

This is why Newt Gingrich will never be President. Ex-wife number two comes out against him.

You can’t trust someone who has been married three times. They’re either really sleazy or have some serious commitment issues, both traits of which the U.S. government suffers from enough already.

I don’t care how much people like Howard Dean (of all people) and other Republicans respect the guy for his work as Speaker and for his history of getting things done as opposed to using rhetoric. He’s not electable and probably not trustworthy anyways.