McCain Veep

I figure I should put my official bet on paper (online?) for McCain’s VP pick. After reading all the news, rumors, and theories over the past weeks I’m putting my money on Joe Lieberman. Well, even if it’s not Lieberman, I think both Romney and Pawlenty are out of the running.

Any other bets?

Georgetown Cupcake

Georgetown Cupcake must be doing pretty darn well these days! I stumbled upon the official Georgetown Cupcake Range Rover parked on 32nd Street yesterday:

The bakery is described on its website as “DC’s first and only cupcakery” and sells gourmet cupcakes for just over $3 each. $3 sounds like a rip-off, but judging by the line out the door every day I’d say its a big hit. Well worth a visit.

Hillary in the Spotlight

I guess I didn’t really know what to expect from Hillary Clinton’s speech tonight at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. What I got, however, wasn’t what I could have imagined. Instead of a speech focused on calming her anxious supporters and unifying the Democratic party, I witnessed a speech focused on, well, Hillary. The introductory video segment put together by daugher Chelsea highlighted her family history, career, and presidential bid. It was full of pictures of Hillary- only two or three of which included both she and Barack. Her speech was all about her fight for the presidency- as a woman, as an underdog, as a fighter for middle America. Sure, she intermixed a few lines of support for Barack’s candidacy and dinged “her colleague and friend” John McCain a few times, but it was pretty much the all-about-Hillary show. But, maybe thats what some of her most fervent supporters, nevermind Hillary herself, needed to move beyond the fact that she has indeed lost the race for the Democratic ticket. Now that she’s been given her chance to shine she can move on with the Democratic race for the White House and her own political future.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden of Delaware was a wise pick for Barack Obama. He’s a fiery campaigner with a respected foreign policy background that is most certainly meant to disparage McCain’s claims that an Obama administration will be weak on national security and foreign policy. Another important piece to Biden is his Irish-Catholic, working-class roots. Catholics are an important voting bloc that is up for grabs in November. I’m also convinced that the blue-collar voters who generally supported Hillary in the primaries will decide the election. Because of their importance, Barack has already started highlighting Biden’s background to voters against McCain’s public misstep last week when he replied that he was unsure of how many houses he owns.

With all these pluses to the Obama campaign there seem to be only a few potential negatives. First, will the McCain camp be able to successfully paint Obama as straying from his outsider, “change”-based campaign with the choice of the ultimate Washington-insider, complete with lengthy lobbyist and corporate ties (his son is a professional lobbyist)? Will Biden’s many public statements praising John McCain and criticisms of Obama’s lack of experience weaken the ticket? Or will voters see a seasoned Biden as enough reassurance that an Obama administration would not be as inexperienced as Barack himself? Finally, will Biden’s more prototypically American family roots be enough to allay middle-class, white voters’ skepticism of someone who:

>Was raised by his grandparents in Hawaii after being abandoned by both parents
>Spent four years in Muslim Indonesia (though there is no proof he himself practiced Islam)
>Was baptized into and attended for many years a radical black-liberation theology church under Jeremiah Wright
>Has the middle name Hussein

This week’s Democratic National Convention in Denver should prove interesting as the Obama-Biden ticket officially takes shape and the Clinton camp faces the reality of her defeat and their subsequent options for 2008.


So it has been confirmed that I have inherited my mom’s aggressive driving habits and my dad’s lack of direction. Mom and I had the ride of a lifetime down to DC this Thursday.

A taste of the drive:

All was well heading into the state of New York. We took the Tappanzee Bridge to avoid the infamous George Washington Bridge, which always takes at least an hour to traverse. So, after driving a bit out of the ways on the Tappanzee we were about to hop back on I-95 S. Well, I accidentially jumped on I-95 NORTH, which instantaneously threw us back to the beginning of the George Washington Bridge heading
north. Yes, the bridge that we had just gone all that way to avoid. And of course it was jam-packed. So we sat in traffic for about a half hour, maybe forty five minutes until we reached our first opportunity to get off the damned thing. Turns out that exit dropped us off right in Harlem. Excellent. So, after nerviously driving around for a while with no luck finding 95 S we stopped in front of Harlem City Hospital, where mom hopped out of the car to ask an ambulance driver directions. He gave us directions, and then kindly informed us that we “aren’t safe here” and should follow him back to the highways. Gladly. At this point I was sure that if a stray bullet didn’t kill me, mom surely would.

Well, we eventually made it back to 95 S. I managed to delay us a good hour and a half or two with that English-genetic driving move.

After that an 18-wheeler flipped in Maryland, which lead them to shut the entire highway down and divert us down I 895 towards Annapolis without directions. This all would have been nice, as Annapolis is beautiful and I could have visited a friend there (shout out Mike Mearn), but I had a rapidly approaching meeting at school and couldn’t take the car-ride much longer.

Finally, around 5:30 we made it to Georgetown where I’m now settling in for the semester. Total drive time: 11 hours. Record time (last may): 7.5 hours.

Next up: Joe Biden

More News...

So I missed out on Rick Warren’s interview with Barack Obama and John McCain the other day and I’m sort of regretting it. The candidates answers and demeanors have been the subject of many news articles all over the Internet the past few days. Here’s one from the New York Post that I found interesting- claiming McCain had a more dominating performance. I’m actually searching YouTube now to see if I can find it up there and watch it...

Drinking Article

Just found this interesting article on a petition that 100+ college presidents have signed urging Congress to reconsider the U.S. drinking age.

John Edwards

And the biggest slimeball of the year award goes to....

John Edwards

So much for being a “moral Democrat” or a man who represents “both Americas”.

The bigger story than all this is the fact that the national media completely ignored the story even after a witnessed confrontation between Edwards and the National Enquirer during a late-night visit to his mistress’ hotel. Can any of you imagine if this had been Mitt Romney? Or Rudy Giuliani? All hell would have broken loose in the liberal media. Exposed, yet again.s


The high temperature today was 69 degrees. The sky was cloudy and it rained all day. Is this really August? I’m wearing jeans now and its 60! Crazy weather continues in Boston...


So I realize that my blogging has been both lame and lacking this summer, but I’m just not at my computer as much as I am during the school year, making it difficult to keep posting my thoughts and opinions (which, I assure you, have not slowed like the blog has).

But now its already August, so I’ll be back to my blogging routine sooner than later, I guess. Now that’s a scary thought.

In the meantime, there are two articles below that are interesting and worth checking out. The first is on Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley and the work he has done during his five years thus far in Boston. I have seen him preach at mass and speak during Life Week down in D.C. and have been impressed by him myself.

The second highlights the attributed success of John McCain’s new ads and tactics against B.H. Obama. Obama is down nine points nationally this week. While week to week polls this far ahead of the election don’t mean anything, its at least heartening to know that people are listening. Much to the dismay of the Boston Globe Democrat and the Socialist New York Times, who have incessantly tried to paint these ads as inappropriate and negative, people seem to be tuning out their liberal noise and seeing that the ads make a point- that Barack is better off staying a worldwide celebrity than becoming an inexperienced leader of the most powerful country in the world. My advice to McCain would be to let these two ads play their role in defining Barack as “The One” for now, but lay off for a little while so that he doesn’t come off as an angry, bitter old man.

Here they are:

O’Malley Article

McCain Article